The news out of Washington, DC is not good.  A combination of events, including an unexpected influx of Central American immigrant children at the Texas border, has caused House Republicans who hold the keys to immigration reform to step back and reassess the politics and sensibility of comprehensive immigration reform.  President Obama has promised to move forward with executive actions to re-prioritize deportation policy in lieu of reform legislation, but the reality is that the Department of Homeland Security will remain significantly constrained to alter existing mechanisms of illegal immigration and deportations beyond the muddled notions of prosecutorial discretion and deferred action already in place.

If you are the beneficiary of a grant of deferred action (DACA), you must prepare and file another deferred action application, including another application for employment authorization, before the expiration of your current two year period.  As always, the best resource for accurate and up-to-date information is the USCIS website.  See here for the latest official information about the DACA renewal process.

If you are in removal proceedings with few if any legal options for relief, and are (at the advice of your attorney or otherwise) utilizing delay tactics in the hope that you may yet become the beneficiary of reform legislation, you should understand that further delay may become untenable and is fraught with risk.  A responsible approach should incorporate practical strategies that rely in part on available waivers under existing law.  Filing a frivolous asylum or withholding of removal application should never be the answer, particularly now that it appears immigration reform legislation, if it ever arrives, may be more conservatively skewed.