Clients applying for U.S. citizenship often ask with great concern, how will I pass the civics examination?  For many recent immigrants with less exposure to American society and media, the concern is valid.

The solution, however, can be easy.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency that processes applications for naturalization and administers the interview and examination, provides a study guide online, found here, that contains the set of all questions that might be asked during the interview, and the answers to those questions.  Download the study materials and see for yourself.

At the naturalization interview, the civics examination comes in the latter half of the interview and is comprised of ten questions.  In order to pass the examination, the applicant must answer six of those ten questions correctly.  A mere 60% correct is a passing score. 

In my experience attending naturalization interviews, the first three or four questions tend to be very simple.  For example, why do we celebrate the Fourth of July in the United States?  Answer:  July 4th, 1776, the date on which the Declaration of Independence was signed, is considered America’s birthday.

At my initial interview with an applicant for naturalization, I provide the printed USCIS study materials to you, along with other instructional materials, and describe in detail how the naturalization interview typically proceeds.  After we file the application for naturalization and just prior to the interview, I again meet with you to ensure you are fully prepared for the interview.  Rarely have I had a client that did not contact me after the interview and examination and say, that was easy!

In cases where the client feel uneasy or nervous about the interview, or has a legal problem that may present an eligibility issue, I offer to attend the interview with the client for an additional legal fee that is affordable and not due until the date of the interview.  This method of added legal representation gives confidence to the client and provides flexibility to the lawyer-client relationship.

U.S. citizenship is one of the most important and valuable benefits that our government grants to individuals, as it should be.  We treat your application for naturalization as a vital task.  Your success, and your American citizenship, is our dedicated goal.  Contact us today to learn how easy naturalization can be.