Immigration Reform Shunted Aside Again

Posted January 17, 2013

Well here we are off to a rancorous political start to 2013. Despite the inclusive promise of Barack Obama’s re-election to the White House, the terrible December shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has moved gun control legislation to the top of Washington, DC’s legislative agenda, to be followed closely by another debt-ceiling deadline with muddy budgetary tug-of-rope.  Sensible, comprehensive immigration reform has been shunted aside by these geniuses once again.

To be sure, as President Obama continually asserts and recent stirrings from GOP torchbearers foretell (see Rubio, Marco), immigration reform appears to remain priority number three, although that could change if  Al Qaeda in Africa creates unforeseen havoc.

Or perhaps Congress will decide it’s time to truly do something about the absurdity of college football’s BCS.

Stay tuned and remain patient, friends. Change is on the horizon.  ~ FRW




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